The Mickey Mantle School

Who Are We?

The Mickey Mantle School (P811m) is a specialized school dedicated to serving the needs of students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)  in New York City.  We proudly serve students from Pre-K through grade 12.  

Our first High School site is P.S. 010 and will serve students from grade 9 through the age of 21.  This high school site serves students who are assessed through alternative measures.  

Our Main Site and co-located 811@149 Site serve elementary and middle school students who are assessed through standardized and alternative measures.  

Our 811@101 Site serves mostly elementary and middle school students who are assessed through alternative measures.   

Our 811@200 Site allows us to accommodate early childhood and elementary students whose assessment statuses have not yet been determined.    

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Technical Support

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Contact Information for All Sites

Main Site

466 West End Avenue New York, NY 10024

         John McCormick, Principal

    Alisa Bentley, Assistant Principal

    Sophiya Virani, Assistant Principal

             212-579-3788 (phone)

                  212-579-3879 (fax)


34 West 118th Street New York, NY 10026        

Vilma Melendez, Assistant Principal

                212-410-5202 (phone)

212-427-8740 (fax)


141 East 111th Street, Room 412, New York, NY 10029

Joanna Fehn, Assistant Principal

               212-348-9886 (phone)

212-369-8258 (fax)


2589 7th Avenue Room 302, New York, NY 10039

 James Kijowski, Assistant Principal

917-507-3304 (phone)

917-507-3309 (fax)

@M010 (High School Site)

2589 7th Avenue Room 378, New York, NY 10039

James Kijowski, Assistant Principal

917-507-3315 (phone)