We Are Composting Superheroes at P811M @028!

P811M is proud to collaborate with P.S. 028 and the Robin Hood Library! This is a special partnership because there are only 30 of these libraries in NYC. The Robin Hood Library serves the students in both P.S. 028 and P811M through a partnership between the Robin Hood Foundation and the Department of Education. The goal of this collaboration is to improve literacy by revitalizing school libraries. Students have begun visiting the Robin Hood Library where they have been participating in interactive read alouds, exploring books and engaging in phonemic awareness and phonics activities. Our school community also has a new garden that was created in partnership with Harlem Grown. Our students will further enhance their functional communication skills while learning about urban gardening through real world experiences. We look forward to continued collaboration and partnership! 


475 West 155th Street, New York, NY 10032

Joanna Fehn, Assistant Principal

               212-295-4320 (phone)

      212-295-1009 (fax)