Zones of Regulation Family Day

On Friday, March 8th, classes V55 and V56 gave a presentation to their families and school community about the Zones of Regulations. Students acted out some of the emotions in each zone and explained how we can use the zones model and toolkits to regulate our emotions. After the show students, family members, and staff played bingo and charades to learn more about feelings. Students in the Print Shop class at the @499 high school site provided toolkits for families to take home, and the Marketing & Communications class press team took photos and conducted interviews at the event. Parents reported that the presentation and games taught them a lot more about the zones, and parent Samuel Kwedi said he learned that you could be in more than one zone at a time. For more information about the Zones of Regulation, reach out to your student's teacher or visit https://zonesofregulation.com/how-it-works/

Born Dancing Show

On Friday, 12/15, nine students from the 200 site performed in a dance show at the New York Live Arts Theatre with the Born Dancing Program. This group produces inclusive dance performances that feature dancers with all kinds of abilities. Bravo to our 811 dancers!


11/1/23 MoMA Trip

Art teacher, Ms. Jessica Fox, organized a trip to the MoMA for Classes V55 (Ms. Krysta Cosenza) and V56 (Ms. Emily Prucha). Students were given a tour of specific art pieces to conduct an art critique and participated in various hands-on activities. They also got to see artwork created by students from the P811M@200 site during the 2022-23 school year, which is still on exhibit at the museum. The students were in awe and excited to view their art achievement in a famous New York City location. "We made it, it's the big apple!" One student said once they arrived. 

Zones of Regulation

P811M has embraced the Zones of Regulation social emotional learning curriculum. Across all classrooms, at all P811M sites, students use the Zones to identify and organize their feelings, states of alertness, and energy levels in order to make them easier to talk about and regulate. Students check in by identifying which Zone they are currently in, then identify appropriate resources from the classroom toolkit to self-regulate their feelings and energy levels in order to meet their learning goals and support their overall well-being. 

Each classroom has a Zones station, where students go to assess which zone they are in based on their feelings or facial expression in the mirror.

The classroom toolkit on the Zones station helps students identify how to self-regulate based on their Zone.

Staff dressed up as the Zones of Regulation for Halloween. Left to right: Mr. James Kijowski, Ms. Bridget Laske, Ms. Kelly Allen, and Mr. Aaron Martin.

D75 Back to School Fair

Ms. Emily Prucha, Ms. Bridget Laske, and Ms. Kelly Allen led students and parents through a step-by-step, hands-on volcanic experiment at the D75 Back to School Fair. Using visual supports, lab coats, and goggles, students had an "explosive" time! 


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